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Meet the awesome and amazing women behind Dear Reader Bookstore and Podcast

from Book besties to bookpreneurs

Books are what brought us together. Sharing exciting adventures and new worlds with each other created a bond like no other.

After being part of multiple book clubs together over the years, there was always a distant dream for each of us to own a bookstore. Although this dream was years in the making, we decided to finally take the leap in January 2022 and open Dear Readers Bookstore and Podcast.

the women behind the brand

We’ll lower the books from our faces to give you a quick intro.

Mistie Maskil

Reading is not just a hobby, it’s a necessity. Mistie prefers sitting down to read rather than watching TV, cleaning, or really doing anything else. She has hosted multiple (like over 5) books clubs and Facebook Groups. To say she “enjoys” reading is a massive understatement. Mistie prefers the written word, the fantasy realm, and would rather be a dragon than a princess any day of the week. 

In her free time (meaning the time NOT spent reading), she loves doing crafts with her younger sister and spending time with her family. 

Mistie also enjoys traveling the world and going on her own adventures. She’s in the process of writing her own book and has helped ghost write and edit for other authors.

Becky Burgess

A love for books came later in life. Throughout much of grade school, Becky struggled with reading due to dyslexia. It wasn’t until her younger sister introduced her to young adult novels in high school that she started loving to read.

Getting swept into a story with strong women leads is a favorite of Becky’s. She loves to write and is currently working on several novels. Becky also is part of multiple book clubs and has truly altered her passion for reading and writing over the last two decades.

You will often see Becky hanging out on her 30-acre homestead with her husband and four children or at the local coffee shop in her tiny Gilmore Girl-inspired town in Western North Carolina. 

online bookstore opening soon

Summer 2022

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