Dear Reader,

Libraries have an incredibly important role in our local communities. It’s a safe place for so many of all backgrounds, incomes, and education levels. Libraries help bring a community together and when one burns down, it takes a community to help pick up the pieces.
We are discussing The Library Book by Susan Orlean with Special Guest, Will Burgess.

What part of the book was your favorite?

Will: “Books are man’s attempt of achieving immortality” quote – he likes how existential it is. 

Becky: Love the memories it touches on and what we’re creating with our kids.

Mistie: All the people in the community and what all the people do within the library to make it functional.

Was there anything that surprised you?

The amount of work and how it takes to run a library and how many famous people pitched in to help the library and the community.

Would you recommend this book?


What is your rating?

Mistie: 5 stars
Will: 5 stars
Becky: 5 stars