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Do you think “the r word” has been overused in storytelling? Or do you think it has it’s place?

We hit on some tough points regarding this subject and it is something that is a very hot topic for a majority of our discussions. Part of the discussion is trying to understand or breakdown if the rape went with the or was it used as a ploy or plot device. If it doesn’t benefit or move the story forward, why is it there? Below are some of the key points and questions we talk about on today’s episode.

Does the rape go with the story or is it used/ends up harming it? Is the rape driving the character or the story?
We aren’t saying that it can’t be used we are only questioning how it can be used. Some examples of where it was used properly are with the Charley Davidson series by Darynda Jones and the Mercy Thompson series by Patricia Briggs. You can know about it and have a history but they don’t need to keep bringing it up and it doesn’t define the book or the characters with these examples

Is it being normalized? Are we becoming desensitized to this kind of trauma against females?
Girls and women grow up thinking something horrible has to happen in order for them to be strong. This is not true so why is it being broadcast this way? Why is it in media and literature, that a female character has to be put through this kind of trauma in order to come out or be made strong?

Kinks & Fetish – if you know it is coming then is it really rape?
Rough sex and being dominated are not the same thing or mindset of being raped, because this is something that you are of and have invited this scenario to happen. A willing participant is not the same thing as being raped so is it really your fetish or kink? Or is it a natural progression or because of society and media, taking it to the next extreme?

Books we discuss: Outlander, Game of Thrones, First Grave on the Right, Mercy Thompson Series, KGI Series, Alpha & Omega series, Asking for it by Lilah Pace, Willing Victim by Cara McKenna

Movies/TV shows: Outlander, Game of Thrones, Derailed